Are Mold and Grime on your
tile and grout driving you crazy?

Dirt is easily absorbed in your tile and grout,
add the accumulated build-up of mold and grime can cause:


A breeding ground for harmful bacteria like the common cold and flu
Permanent damage on your floor (cracks and discoloration)
Permanent damage on your leaks caused by holes as a result of mold build-upfloor (cracks and discoloration)


Want to avoid all of these problems and bring back
the newness and shine of your floors?



Deep-cleaning for your tile and grout goes beyond just
mopping and scrubbing.


A more thorough process is needed to restore the original and
pristine look of your floors.


It goes through this 4-step procedure:


First, sweeping and vacuuming is done to remove all soil and loose dirt in your tiles.
Second, a high-powered steamer with adjustable pressure changes (that depend on the type of floor) with powered spinning heads is used to go deep into the pores of your tile and grout to force out embedded dirt and eliminate it effectively.
Third, the tiles are dries as the last step of the procedure to allow your newly cleaned tile and grout to set.
Lastly, the grout is sealed by using a clear sealer for an extra layer of protection from dirt and water absorption.


Don't have a high-powered steamer? No Problem,
A professional cleaner can help!